Rep. Nesbit's House Floor remarks on H.R. 559

Oct. 31, 2019 / Embed

State Rep. Tedd Nesbit thanks his fellow House members for passing his Resolution making October 29, 2019 as International Data Center Day in Pennsylvania.

PA Coalition Against Rape Press Conference

May. 07, 2019 / Embed

PA Coalition Against Rape and PA Coalition Against Domestic Violence Advocacy Day.

PA Orthopaedic Society Venue Shopping

Feb. 04, 2019 / Embed

The Pennsylvania Orthopedic Community holds a press conference attempting to convince the state court system to not adopt Venue Shopping Rules during Medical Malpractice Lawsuits.

Rep. Nesbit, Press Conference.

Apr. 24, 2017 / Embed

Rep. Nesbitt, Press Conference - The Innocence Project.

House Rep. Nesbit, Press Conference.

Feb. 06, 2017 / Embed

House Rep. Nesbit, Press Conference announcing legislation that would require prescriptions for opioids be transmitted electronically.