Jan. 18, 2019

HARRISBURG – Rep. Tedd Nesbit (R-Mercer/Butler) said today that he is excited about his committee assignments for 2019-20 legislative session, which will remain the same as last session.

“I am excited to once again serve on the highly active House Judiciary Committee, as well as the House Children and Youth, Gaming Oversight and Insurance committees,” said Nesbit. “With my prior experience on these committees and my background as an assistant district attorney and owning my own law practice, I am very well versed in the issues and policies that these committees oversee.”

The Judiciary Committee, which is one of the busier committees in the House, deals with many crime and civil related issues, such as firearm laws, public safety, law enforcement and criminal justice.

The Children and Youth Committee focuses on child protection and child welfare issues, juvenile delinquency, adolescent and teen problems, as well as adoption and foster care; the Gaming and Oversight Committee oversees legislation dealing with slot machines and table games, and the state’s bingo, small games of chance and amusement laws; and the Insurance Committee helps oversee the Insurance Department and ensures that any legislation running through the House that pertains to insurance issues is studied with extreme care.

Last session, Nesbit authored two key pieces of legislation that ran through the Judiciary Committee and later became law, to update the state’s law with respect to DNA collection and its use in the criminal justice system.

In past sessions, he has worked on legislation that would update the state’s adoption laws to help children in need find loving homes, and legislation that would bring improvements to the Child Protective Service Law to ensure that children are in safe homes.

“I am eager to be on the front lines in dealing with paramount legislation and policy that run through these committees,” continued Nesbit. “With this diverse range of committees, I am ready to continue to help ensure that the voice of the 8th District is heard on the wide variety of legislation that we will be studying.”

Representative Tedd Nesbit
8th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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